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The beauty of nature that stands the test of time

Bio-Ecological Paint/Color Wash

A fine penetrating paint, ideal for color washes on interior and exterior surfaces.

Lime wash is probably the earliest known form of what we now know today as "paint". bioTinta proudly continues this tradition.


Cream of slaked lime, aged 48 months, sifted through a sieve of 900 micro-stitches per cm/sq., mixed with natural earth colorants.


bioTinta provides a natural barrier from the elements, while affording highly expressive, decorative results.

Aged into a milk-like consistency, bioTinta penetrates deeply through base-coat finishes, becoming one with the overall finish itself.

Since bioTinta remains a vapor-permeable finish, it has the ability to disperse driving rain and dampness within a building fabric, allowing moisture to evaporate from a wall system. With this in mind, bioTinta is a natural biocide, eliminating mildew, molds, bacteria, and fungus, while enhancing indoor air quality.

bioTinta will not rot, peal, fade, or crack from continuous UV ray sunlight, nor will it lose its color characteristics.

Because bioTinta is a true bio-ecological product composed of pure, earth-based ingredients, it is exceptional for retaining authenticity in preservation projects. In addition, bioTinta serves as an indispensable product for the GreenBuild and bio-architecture industries.

Applicators will be able to use bioTinta in unlimited, expressive ways, reflecting the ages-old tradition of being true to function and purpose.


For new and existing surface applications, the foundation surface must be absorbent. We recommend using bioPrimer as a base coat/primer for a 100% bio-ecological solution.

If you're applying bioTinta on existing surfaces that were previously finished with synthetic products, prepare the surface and remove the entire existing finish by sanding or grinding.

Mist the absorbent surface with clean water, then apply 1 or more coats of bioPrimer.


bioTinta is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mix the product well prior to usage. Apply with a brush. When applying more than one coat, wait until each coat is dry to the hand before applying the next coat. Applicators can express their creativity with unlimited possibilities.

Technical Data

Specific weight: 1150kg / 105.9 sq. ft.
Dilution: 20%-30% clean water
pH: 12
Volatile organic compounds: 0
Hygroscopicity: Excellent
Carbonization time (drying time): Est. 30 days
Fire reaction: Class 0
Overall look: Opaque
Application temperature: Between +41°F and +90°F
Indicative yield: Per coat= 1kg of product per 85 sq. ft. coverage
Shelf life: 10 years
Colors available: See color swatches
Packaging: Available in buckets of 15kg net weight

Download a PDF of the MSDS data sheet for this product.


Light and dark shadows or nuances are aesthetic characteristics of lime. The intensity of the color depends on the coat's thickness, as well as the absorption properties of the wall and its porosity. We suggest that you check the intensity of the coat's color once bioTinta is completely dried.

This product (like all bioLime products) has an extensive shelf life—10 years—if stored correctly.

In order to store bioTinta for extended periods of time, add a layer of water that thinly coats the remaining bioTinta in the bucket. Close the bucket tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place.

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bioLime, Inc. declines all responsibility in case of incorrect application of its products or its mixing and manipulation with other products.